Pierogi the puppy jumped a fence to get on live tv during a FOX 5 weather report in Virginia

Pierogi the puppy didn't wait for stardom to come to her, she went chasing after it.

On Feb. 19, FOX 5's Bob Barnard was reporting live from the streets of Leesburg, Virginia, on the icy conditions affecting the Washington D.C. area, when he was interrupted by an adorable interloper.

FOX 5 posted the segment to their YouTube channel, where it already has over 719,000 views. In the clip, Barnard is helping scrape ice off neighborhood cars and speaking about road conditions in the area, when, around the 1:50 mark, a puppy scampers into the shot. Barnard is quick to pick up the pup and allows the little canine to join his broadcast.

"I want to get to know this dog," Barnard says in the video as he lifts the puppy up and accepts a few kisses from the excited animal.

Puppy interrupts newscast

After the puppy appears, the segment quickly becomes all about the pet, who appears happy to be the star of the show.

Shortly after the dog ends up on air, her owner comes out to reclaim the pup and tells Barnard how eager the canine was to get on camera.

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"She just jumped over the gate," the owner says of the dog's escape.

"She wanted to see us!" Barnard excitedly adds.

Before the owner departs with the pup, she tells FOX 5 that the furry star is named Pierogi.

Following just one onscreen appearance, Pierogi already has thousands of fans. The comments section of the YouTube video is filled with praise for the pup.

"This is the most wholesome news report I've ever seen," one commenter summarized.