The canine — named Denali — was discovered last month by the San Antonio Humane Society (SAHS) with a severe case of sarcoptic mange

Denali the puppy
Credit: San Antonio Humane Society/Facebook

Denali the puppy is looking for her fur-ever home.

Last month, the 6-month-old canine was found and rescued by the San Antonio Humane Society (SAHS) after rescuers discovered her "completely covered with sarcoptic mange and without fur," according to the organization.

Taking her under their care, the SAHS immediately quarantined the pup, who they described as "extremely sad and itchy all over her tiny pink-skinned body."

The Texas group then treated Denali's mange — a skin disease caused by parasitic mites — and made sure to keep the puppy "warm and comfortable every step of the way," especially when she had no fur.

"Denali was nearly bald and covered in scabs due to her mange upon intake," SAHS associate veterinarian Dr. Leslie Hopes said. "She was provided a little sweater to keep her warm in her kennel and lots of cushy towels and blankets to snuggle."

Denali the puppy
Credit: San Antonio Humane Society/Facebook

For four weeks, Denali received regular medicated baths to treat her mange. As the uncomfortable skin disease disappeared, fresh fur started to grow in its place.

"She started gaining weight and playing like a normal puppy," SAHS wrote. "Her once sad face now radiates with big, happy smiles. She's so full of energy and loves life!"

SAHS noted that they could take care of Denali, and other dogs with serious health conditions, thanks to their new Leeu Naylor Medical Building.

At this specialized dermatology ward, the group can keep pets with contagious diseases — like mange or ringworm — away from other animals until they are fully recovered.

Now that she has beaten mange and gotten her fur back, Denali is ready for a forever home. Those interested in adopting the puppy should contact the SAHS or apply here.