Hydration is exhausting

Ask anyone who is on a diet and trying to drink eight glasses of water a day: hydration is exhausting.

Belanie the white golden retriever puppy can relate. She’s not dieting though; on the contrary, she’s a growing pup! But all the running around with her siblings and subsequent rehydration at the water bowl has left her positively pooped.

This sleepy little lady is but one of multiple adorable stars of an Instagram account called Tucker and Annie White Goldens.

Technically known as English Cream Golden Retrievers, this family of Fidos — with their flowing platinum locks and frequently matching bandanas — simply couldn’t be any cuter.

Seriously. We can hardly handle all the puppy power in that video. No wonder this crew of cutie pies got to guest star on an episode of Top Chef Jr.!

Let’s just hope Belanie didn’t fall asleep on the job.