Used to the cruelty of the dog meat farm, Harriet chose to sleep standing up instead of using a bed

Harriet is one of the lucky ones, but she still has her scars.

The sweet dog is one of 200 rescued from a Korean dog meat farm by the Humane Society International. After arriving in the United States, Harriet and 13 other dogs were taken to the Humane Society of Tampa Bay to receive care.

There, rescuers made a sad discovery. Harriet had no idea how to use a bed. Accustomed to living in inhumane conditions with little room, the dog chose to fall asleep standing up instead of on the plush bed provided for her.

Luckily, those old habits are starting to fade away. Harriet is starting to realize that her new life, full of care, compassion and gifts, is now a permanent one. The shelter later posted a photo of the pooch sitting down and snuggled up.

Harriet and the other pups rescued from the meat farm will be up for adoption in the upcoming weeks, after they have fully recovered.