October 06, 2015 07:15 PM

Here’s a pumpkin unlike all others you’ll see this season.

She’s a gourd-geous raccoon named Pumpkin who thinks she’s a dog.

The Instagram star (she has more than 74,000 followers, and growing!) belongs to Laura and William Young of Nassau, Bahamas. The critter was rescued in 2014 by Laura Young’s mother Rosie Kemp, when the 1-month-old animal fell out of a tree.  

“When the mother didn’t return she took her in and nursed her back to health for she [had] sustained a broken hind leg,” said a press release given to PEOPLE. “We have the amazing Bahamas Humane Society here but they were unable to take in an orphaned raccoon so with the guidance of friends who have had experience with raccoons we cared for her!”

During the time that they’ve had her, Pumpkin has formed an adorable friendship with the Youngs’ two dogs, Toffee and Oreo, and the photographic evidence on Instagram is as yummy as a pumpkin spiced latte.


“Pumpkin considers the dogs her mums,” the couple said. “She respects them when they have had enough rough play and she loves to cuddle next to them when she is tired! The bond with Oreo was straight away and Toffee soon after! They get along great!”

They describe their beloved Pumpkin as “highly intelligent” and “always entertaining,” and sometimes quite “cheeky.” But they warn that they’re not promoting the adoption of wild raccoons in any way (since the Bahamas is rabies-free, there are no restrictions on owning pets like these).

“She is up to date with all of her vaccinations and had been spayed,” they said. “However raccoons are NOT pets and should be left alone in their natural habitats but since Pumpkin didn’t get the chance we want to ensure she has the best life possible and want and will always do whatever is best for her!”

To follow Pumpkin’s cuteness on Instagram, click here.

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