July 20, 2016 09:10 PM

You’ve read Wild and Eat, Pray, Love. Now it’s time for a different species (or two… ) of rookie explorers to take on the world traveler narrative. 

This is the story of Bandito the pug and Luigi the cat, two European animals who decided to take on the great outdoors by hiking Spain’s Camino de Santiago, a 484-mile pilgrimage trek, with their owners. 

This all started when Bandito and Luigi’s owners, Sebastian and Finn, bought a doggy stroller and decided to test it out in some adventurous conditions. 

“We took a few weeks to get them used to it and set up the tent in our old front room — they genuinely loved it,” Sebastian said. 

According to The Telegraph, trips to the living room turned into outings at Spain’s national parks, which eventually led the group to travel the famous walk for six weeks. That’s a long stretch of cat and dog camaraderie. 

While Bandito and Luigi are inseparable best friends, that doesn’t mean everything was peace and naps on the trail. 

“They love each other and are constantly bugging one another and playing tricks,” Sebastian said. 

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Sebastian and Finn, who now live in Marbella, are grateful their pets embraced the outdoors, but want to remind animal lovers that this life isn’t for every critter and that they respected Bandito and Luigi’s limits. 

“The trolley or tent are ‘safe’ areas so they always return if something has spooked them — mostly Luigi in the beginning and Bandito after he felt he had walked enough — he loves sitting and observing, being pushed along,” the couple shared. “We knew we would turn back if it became stressful or unfair on them, they are the main priority all the way — as well as walking about 20km (12 miles) a day of course.”  

Now, the duo are going on slightly shorter adventures, all of which are detailed on their joint Instagram account pugandcat, where the adorable explorers have racked up over 31,000 followers. 


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