April 29, 2009 07:00 PM

Remember when Dorothy Gale’s house blew away in the Wizard of Oz? Well, the tale of Tinkerbell the Chihuahua played out a little like that.

The dog’s owners Dorothy Utley (no joke!) and her husband Lavern were mortified when their 5-lb. Chihuahua was swept up by strong winds at a flea market during a storm in Waterford Township, Mich., on Saturday, as the Detroit News reported.

Joe Goldberg, the manager of the Dixieland Flea Market where the Utley’s are vendors, says that all kinds of things went flying when the wind blew through, but that everyone was most concerned for Tinkerbell the dog.

“I’ll tell ya, it was like the Wizard of Oz,” Goldberg told PEOPLE Pets. “The winds were over 100 miles an hour. I saw forty of my vendors just running after [stuff], cash boxes blew away, everything blew away. You know what they did? They didn’t look for the box, they looked for the dog.”

But a search immediately following the storm turned up nothing. So, the Utley’s enlisted the help of a pet psychic who directed them to a wooded field near the flea market, which is about a half a mile away, Goldberg says.

“We were shocked when we found her,” Dorothy Utley told the Detroit News. “You don’t know how happy we were. We love her so much.”

After two days away from her family, little Tinkerbell was happy to be found as well. “She just went wild,” Dorothy recalled. “She was so hungry and we had to bathe her.”

Goldberg says the Utleys, whose story has since made its way around the world, have turned down interviews with The Oprah Winfrey Show and The Tonight Show with Jay Leno. “They say, ‘Come see us at the flea market,’ ” he says. “Everybody else goes for money and fame, they said come and see us. Bring your kids, pet the dog. That’s the kind of people they are.”

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