Though he's busy filming Celebrity Big Brother, Borghese takes time to advocate for animals

Between filming live reality show Celebrity Big Brother in the U.K. – a 24-hour-a-day commitment – and being recently single following his split from Tinsley Mortimer, Prince Lorenzo Borghese has a lot going on in his life.

Understandably, the passionate animal advocate has no intention of getting a pet any time soon.

First, he tells PEOPLE, “I need to get married.” Since he came out of his last relationship, “everything is brand new.”

What isn’t new is Borghese’s dedication to animals. After all, he works with animals for a living. Ten years ago, the former Bachelor and heir to the Borghese cosmetics empire launched the Royal Treatment pet product line on HSN. He also founded a non-profit called Animal Aid USA, which rescues dogs from euthanization in shelters.

Borghese also recently taped an episode of The Ricki Lake Show in which he discusses the use of the gas chamber at shelters. He calls it “one of the most inhumane ways you can kill an animal,” and hopes to ban the practice nationwide.

“It makes me feel good,” he says of his work. “I love doing it.”

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