Prince Harry Rubs Noses with Lupo

Prince Harry gets attentive at a charity polo match with royal cocker spaniel Lupo

It’s the kind of affection most people can only dream of getting: Prince Harry, openly caressing a cheek and nuzzling a nose.

Who was the enviable recipient of such a display? None other than Lupo, the royal cocker spaniel, and perhaps, the luckiest dog in the world.

During a break from a charity polo match on Sunday, the prince gave his brother and sister-in-law’s young puppy his complete attention, but Harry wasn’t the only one doting on the adorable dog.

“Lupo seemed to get as much attention from the people at the presentation as William and Harry,” an observer said.

The puppy, free to roam off-leash, romped around the polo field sidelines, and even made a new dog friend.

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