Prepare Your Paws and TVs for the Kitten Summer Games

Dozens of adoptable kittens will compete in sports like tennis and gymnastics

Yes, the Olympics are almost upon us.

But another important sporting event is just around the corner. On Friday Aug. 5, Hallmark Channel is hosting the first ever Kitten Summer Games.

Dozens of adoptable kittens will be competing in events like wrestling, gymnastics, tennis and track and field. It will be just like the human sports-palooza, but fluffier and probably a bit cuter, too.

Instead of coming from across the globe to compete, these talented little felines are all from the North Shore Animal League. The event’s host, Beth Stern, gave us the good news that all these adorable athletes have now found homes.

But that doesn’t mean there aren’t more animals who need our help. Stern hopes viewers find the Kitten Summer Games and all the feline action both entertaining and inspiring. As in, it will hopefully inspire you to invite a shelter animal into your home.

To see even more of the cuteness teased above, tune-in to the Hallmark Channel on Aug. 5 at 8/7c for the Kitten Summer Games.

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