Hans the baby goat arrived at the farm after his mother died and his owners couldn't care for him

By Kelli Bender
Updated November 16, 2016 05:29 PM

Odd couples are good, but odd trios? Now, that’s really something.

One threesome that is especially deserving of your attention is St. Bernards Julie and Basiel and their baby goat buddy, Hans.

Hans arrived at the Belgium farm the giant dogs call home after his mother died and his owners were unable to provide the care he needs to grow up big and strong, according to The New York Post.

Now, Julie and Basiel are helping him with that. Hans was drawn to the canines from the start and they were happy to lend him a paw and make sure he is comfortable in his new home.

“He learns a lot from the dogs,” the goat’s new mom Isolde Mattart told The Dodo. “He loves sunbathing with the dogs, he loves going for walks with me and the dogs, but he likes napping with the dogs the most.”

Mattart isn’t surprised that Hans chose Julie and Basiel as his new buds; many of the animals on the farm gravitate to the calm and loving pair. She keeps track of all the pups’ precious friendships on her Instagram account — a great place to de-stress and feel good about the world.

While Hans loves his surrogate dog parents, Mattart knows she is his one true love. The owner says the baby goat follows her everywhere, even the restroom.