March 02, 2012 10:30 PM

Molly Sims just logged another visit to the doctor this week – this time, for her dog.

The mom-to-be, who’s now 22 weeks into her pregnancy, took one of her Yorkies to the vet Thursday for a checkup. (Which one? Even our eagle eyes can’t tell the difference between Sims’s two Yorkshire terriers, Chloe and Poupette.)

Sims sported athletic wear and looked trim and fit, while her pup seemed ready to jump out of the carrier and head straight home. She once described Poupette and Chloe as the loves of her life, but Sims is ready to welcome a new true love into her world.

“The baby just started kicking,” she wrote last month on her blog, “and at this point it’s only a matter of weeks until life as I know it is going to completely change – and I can’t wait!”

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