Ima the dog is due any day now, and she and her puppies will soon be available for adoption

By Kelli Bender
July 25, 2018 04:42 PM

Ima is “due any day,” so before the dog went from single mutt to busy mother, her foster mom wanted to treat her to something special.

“I love taking adorable photos of my fosters to show them off on Instagram, it is such a great way to show off your fosters and find homes!” Sarah Freeman, Ima’s foster mom, told PEOPLE over email. “I thought it would be a great way to spend the afternoon.” 

Freeman was right. Even though Ima is “huge” and can’t do much playing right now, she loved having an afternoon devoted to her happiness.

Sarah Freeman

Between shots the sweet soon-to-be-mom gladly accepted “lots of belly rubs” and gave lots of kisses in return. 

Sarah Freeman

Ima ended up pregnant and under Freeman’s care after her former owner deserted her.

Sarah Freeman

“She was abandoned by her owner and left in her crate for five days; unfortunately three of the owner’s other dogs got run over. A neighbor took Ima in, but Ima got over the 6-ft. fence. She was gone for a month and came back pregnant,” Freeman explained. “The neighbor knew she couldn’t afford to take care of Ima and her puppies properly so she surrendered Ima to Paws of Piedmont. Ima was then brought to the Greater Charlotte SPCA.” 

Sarah Freeman

The foster coordinator at North Carolina’s Greater Charlotte SPCA knew Freeman had a soft spot for fostering puppies and reached out to her about Ima. 

Sarah Freeman

“I jumped at the chance to help her!” Freeman said. 

Sarah Freeman

With the photo shoot complete, the focus is now on preparing for Ima’s pups. Roughly six weeks after Ima’s babies are born, she and her puppies will be available for adoption. Ima will be spayed before going to her forever home.

“She loves any affection you give her and does well with my dog and other fosters,” Freeman shared. “I think she will do great in any home!”