Potaroma fish toy

This Flopping Fish Toy Is Winning Over the Attention of Cats (and Their Owners) Everywhere

“My three cats have been playing with it almost nonstop”
By Jayla Andrulonis
January 24, 2021 09:00 AM
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As any good cat parent knows, your furry friends can never have too many toys — but that doesn't mean they're all created equally. For a toy to truly steal the attention of a cat who might very well rather be taking a nap, you need to call in the best of the best

Luckily, there's no need to look further than Potaroma's Electric Flopping Fish Toy thanks to the hundreds of enthusiastic reviews left by shoppers who've already snagged it for their cats. An overall best-seller in Amazon's Cat Nip toys category, the hyper-realistic fish are stealing the attention — and hearts — of cats and amused owners everywhere.  

Potaroma fish toy
Credit: Amazon

Buy It! Potaroma Electric Flopping Fish Cat Toy in Dark Gray, $15.99 (orig. $16.99); amazon.com

"My cat is not tired of his flopping fish, he beats it up continuously and it has survived," one reviewer shared. "The movement attracts my cat but freaks my dogs out, so they leave it alone. It's also great that it takes a charge via USB… Additionally, they sent a coupon with the arrival of his first fish to receive a second fish free of charge. I was surprised how fast they shipped it out! He now has a trout and a salmon toy fish." 

Since it has a built-in motion sensor, the fish begins to wiggle as soon as your cat approaches. Its designated catnip pouch takes play up another notch to keep your cat busy and entertained. What's more, the durable cotton plush toy is nontoxic, so you can feel confident leaving your cat to play with it unsupervised. 

From reviews calling it "the greatest cat toy ever" to adorable photos of cats in action with the squirming stuffed toy, it's clear why the best-seller is flying off virtual shelves. 

"I'm never sure if a new cat toy will be received as well as I hope, but this one sure delivered," one cat owner shared. "My three cats have been playing with it almost nonstop, except for when I have to take it away to charge it. One of them pretty much 'hogs' it and the other two can't get near it, though they try. It took them a few minutes to realize that they had to touch it to get it to move when it stopped flopping, but once they understood it, they were off to the races. I can't speak to the durability of it, but since the cover can be removed for cleaning, I'm thinking it should last a long time." 

Give your cat the entertainment they deserve by heading to Amazon and snagging this flopping fish toy while you still can. 

Potaroma fish toy
Credit: Amazon

Buy It! Potaroma Electric Flopping Fish Cat Toy in Dark Red, $15.99 (orig. $16.99); amazon.com

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