Pot Roast — One of the Most Beloved Cats on TikTok — Has Died, the Pet's Owner Confirms

Pot Roast the cat's Kansas City-based owner revealed the heartbreaking news in a video shared on TikTok Wednesday

Pot Roast Instagram
Photo: Pot Roast/Instagram

Pot Roast, one of TikTok's most beloved cats, with close to 1 million followers, has died.

Pot Roast's owner announced in a video on the cat's TikTok page (@potroastsmom) that the feline died in her arms on Wednesday.

"My little bird flew away at 11:47 am this morning," the Kansas City-based owner wrote atop a video of herself tearfully cradling her cat.

"When I saw Pot Roast this morning I could feel that she was done fighting and even though I wasn't done fighting for her I let her go," the woman continued, adding, "She went to sleep in my arms."

In the end, Pot Roast's owner said, "it was just her and me. And I am grateful for every moment we had together."

Pot Roast was adopted from a Missouri shelter eight years ago in 2014 during her owner's sophomore year of college, according to The Pitch. The cat's owner told the outlet that she bonded with Pot Roast while playing with her for two hours during an on-campus event aimed at alleviating student stress during finals.

Afterward, the owner said, she and a friend drove to the shelter where Pot Roast was living and adopted the cat.

Pot Roast first went viral on TikTok in December 2020 after her owner began sharing videos of the adorable feline on the social media platform.

In a May 2021 video, the woman playfully said she named her cat Pot Roast "because in Caucasian middle-class culture, Pot Roast is a very special dish served on special occasions — revered even."

The shelter that adopted out Pot Roast was willing to let the feline go for $20 due to her health issues, which the woman said were not adequately disclosed, according to The Pitch.

In addition to suffering from ailments like feline herpes and stomatitis, Pot Roast recently contracted the feline immunodeficiency virus (FIV). Her owner revealed the news earlier this month in a video on TikTok and suggested it could have been caused by a bite from her other late cat, Carrot.

In the clip, Pot Roast's owner says while some cats can live long, happy lives with FIV, she didn't expect Pot Roast to do so.

Pot Roast
Pot Roast/Instagram

"The vet explained to me that Pot Roast's FIV has progressed into her bone marrow, so her bone marrow is no longer making red or white blood cells," the woman explained. "She had to have a blood transfusion, et cetera."

The owner was also told that Pot Roast, who was already taking medication for what her owner believed was an autoimmune disease, was "living on borrowed time."

In the days following Pot Roast's FIV diagnosis, the pet's owner regularly updated Pot Roast's fan on the cat's condition. In one video, the woman said she and Pot Roast were "spending lots of time on the bathroom floor these days with potty pads and high-calorie wet food" to keep the cat comfortable.

"I am trying to stay positive but I don't want to give myself false hope," the owner wrote in the caption.

Earlier this week, Pot Roast's owner revealed that her cat was back at the hospital after suffering a seizure "from low blood sugar" the night prior. Pot Roast had undergone a second blood transfusion beforehand and was being considered for a third, per her owner's TikTok post.

Pot Roast's pet parent announced the cat's death in the next TikTok post.

Pot Roast Instagram
Pot Roast/Instagram

Over the last year, Pot Roast and her owner captured the attention of millions on TikTok with their quirky personalities. The account has garnered more than 953,000 followers since its conception.

Following the announcement of Pot Roast's passing, the feline's fans flooded the cat's TikTok page with comments, condolences, and well wishes. One user wrote, "Rest In Peace Pot Roast, you did so great in your fight 🥺."

Another person said Pot Roast appeared to have "the most perfect life a cat can ask for," before adding, "Thank you for giving her that, she deserved it, and you deserved her."

Even the official TikTok account shared a note, writing, "Oh, Pot Roast. A kitty deeply loved ❤️."

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