It's also possible that he was just being friendly

Ah, spring. The bees are out, the sun is shining, the alligators are going door-to-door.

In South Carolina, at least, they are. In parts of the state, as the weather warms, the modern-day dinosaurs are increasingly sighted in odd places as the warmer climates embolden their explorations.

Some end up in the suburbs. And some just want to meet their new neighbors.

Or possibly convert them. We haven’t ruled out that the Jehovah’s Witnesses are recruiting reptiles now. Come to think of it, that probably wouldn’t have been beyond the scope of Prince’s talents — to convert a member of another species (and a cold-blooded one at that) to his religion.

Either way, just look at this little guy! He’s just trying to be neighborly, stop by, get to know some of the faces of the neighborhood.

The homeowner, Jamie Weathersbee-Bailey, was not home at the time the gator came a-knocking.

“From what I hear, the gator walked past all the construction crews building houses down the road like it was nothing,” Weathersbee-Bailey told the Post and Courier. “Who knows? He may come back for another visit.”

We can only hope.