Posh Cat Who Loves Wearing Fake Eyelashes, Finds Instagram Fame (Obviously)

Pitzush the glam puss is here to put the fashion industry in perspective


Has America’s Next Top Model opened the competition to every species? Because we just found the best smizer in the business.

The world is just starting to get know Pitzush, a Romania-based Nebelung cat, but she is quickly becoming an Instagram favorite.

With over 21,000 followers, this 8-year-old feline is famous for posing in flashy eyelashes, piles of jewels and designer outfits.

But not every thing has been falsies and taffeta for Pitzush. When the meowdel’s owner Roxana Dulama adopted her, Pitzush had a mouth full of infected teeth. After several surgeries, the feline now has a healthy smile and an important message.

Dulama created the cat’s Instagram account not only to show off her stunning pet, but to prove that no one, especially young girls, should take fashion spreads too seriously. “I started dressing Pitzush because I thought that so many women in fashion aren’t good role models for young women — and they end up getting body conscious. I wanted to do something that would poke fun at that lifestyle — even glamour puss is a poke at women who are overdressed with no substance,” the owner told Daily Mail.

To achieve this, Dulama cuts up her own clothes to fit Pitzush and adds false eyelashes to the shots in PhotoShop — unopposable thumbs make application tricky in real life.

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While these photos are meant to be a commentary on modeling, that hasn’t stopped Pitzush from developing a diva supermodel attitude. The feline, who is usually patient and purring during shoots, has also been known, on occasion, to storm off the set when things don’t go her way.

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