October 17, 2016 09:08 AM

It looks like SoCal dogs are just as obsessed with In-N-Out as SoCal humans.

Popeye the Foodie Dog, a rescue pup that’s racked up over 97,000 followers on Instagram, travels around the Los Angeles area with his owner, Ivy Diep, to find the best pet-friendly eats. Recently, Popeye swung by In-N-Out, the beloved California burger chain, and ordered his french fries and cheeseburgers “animal style.”

(“Animal style” burgers are smothered in Thousand Island dressing, mustard and extra pickles, while the fries are topped with cheese, spread and grilled onions.)

Despite his reputation as a foodie, Popeye isn’t really that into food. It’s more about the adventures.

“We’ll give him nibbles of anything that’s safe for him,” Diep told ABC News. “We always carry a bag of his favorite treats as well. He’s usually not really into the food anyway.”






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