August 09, 2012 07:00 PM

When there’s a will, there’s a way, and that couldn’t be more true for a black bear with a sweet tooth in Colorado.

On July 25, the inquisitive animal broke into a Rocky Mountain Chocolate Factory store located in the town of Estes Park, and helped himself to some treats: namely, English toffee and large chocolate chip cookies dipped in chocolate, fittingly known as Cookie Bears.

When store owner Jo Adams opened up her shop the next morning, she noticed some dirt on the counter and paper on the floor, and believed the damage was the work of a squirrel. But security cameras revealed a different story.

The polite bear had actually made several trips into the shop, prying the front door open with his paws due to a faulty lock that allowed him to get in. After each trip, the bear would exit the shop to eat his sweets on the sidewalk, before coming back in for more. But never did he break anything or make a mess.

“He was very clean and very careful,” Adams told the Associated Press. “He ate a lot of candy.”

As word of the bear’s visit spread, customers at the Rocky Mountain Chocolate Factory have been curious to taste the treats he sampled, with Adams reporting a boom in business.

But the bear himself will no longer be satisfying his sweet tooth anytime soon. A day after checking security footage, Adams had the door’s lock fixed – which the bear discovered himself on a trip to the store the next day.

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