Police Thank 911 Caller Who Called About Cat with Soup Can on Head

The cat was freed from the can by an animal control officer but didn't stick around for thank-yous

How’s this for ‘chicken soup for the soul’?

Police in Rochester, New York, took to Facebook on Tuesday to thank the good Samaritan who called 911 when a cat “dumpster diving through recycling boxes” got its noggin stuck in a chicken noodle soup can.

“Thankfully someone called 911 and Ofc. Henion of our Animal Control saved the little fellow’s life,” said the Facebook post, which shared a picture of the struggling feline stuck inside the can. “His head was covered in soup; he immediately took off running and didn’t stay around for an ‘After Rescue Photo!'”

While the police department took the time to send a shout out — “Thank you to whoever called 911!” the post concluded — the public did a little thanking of their own on Facebook.

“Thank you for saving that poor baby!” wrote one of the many people who commented on the Facebook post.

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