August 06, 2015 05:55 PM

A priest and his puppy are back in the pews following a dramatic rescue.

According to The Associated Press, Rev. Patrick Beretta’s mastiff pup, Ysolt, got stuck in a 30-foot drain pipe running under the priest’s Butte, Montana, church.

Beretta contacted the authorities on Sunday to report his dog missing, fearing someone stole 8-week-old Ysolt. After a brief search for a thief, officers Patrick Fleming and Callie Daly returned to the church to look for the mastiff there.

The officers found the little canine after shining a flashlight down the drain pipe. To get Ysolt out of his predicament, they used a pole to gently nudge the dog forward until Officer Fleming was able to safely pull the animal out of the other side.

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