This, in straight-out-of-a-storybook news

July 28, 2015 07:40 PM

Why did the ducklings cross the road? Because they had an adorable police escort.

In a YouTube video only slightly less exciting than a high-speed car chase – but more than slightly cuter – two St. Andrews police officers protected a rogue family of ducks that somehow found their way into the middle of the road. By slowing down traffic and directing them away from the bizarrely-oriented cars (driving on the left side will never look right to us), the two officers fulfilled their sworn duty to protect and serve adorable ducks.

Once surrounded by their neon-green-vested police escort, the mama duck and her nine ducklings are directed towards the side of Bridge Street, where they’re able to hope off the road and into the scenic Scottish river (Kinness Burn), where they belong.

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The sweet footage was captured by Yoriko Hirose, who followed behind the ducks as they hopped down into the river, quacked frantically and lived happily ever after.

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