Arizona Humane Society
August 17, 2016 04:49 PM

An Arizona dog is recovering after a police officer helped rescue her from a canal over the weekend. The officer who saved her may also give her a forever home.

It happened last Saturday, when the Australian shepherd was roaming around Phoenix looking for water, according to the Arizona Humane Society, who wrote a post about the rescue on its website.

“Enticed by the flowing water in a canal, the dog leaned over the steep edge in attempt to quench her thirst, but seconds later she was submerged in water, swept away by the strong undercurrent, and swimming for her life,” said the post.

Luckily, a police officer noticed the dog and called animal rescuers from the AHS, who are trained to save pets from dangerous situations like these.

After several unsuccessful attempts at grabbing the dog, they noticed that she was getting tired and paddling slower, after treading water for at least an hour.

“Her head began to sink under water and she lost consciousness and passed out from exhaustion,” the post said. “It was the teams last chance to save her and using a catch pole the animal rescuer grabbed ahold of the dog right just before she slipped under the murky water.”

The canine was rushed to the AHS Second Chance Animal Trauma Hospital, where vets examined her and found that she was very malnourished and had blisters and wounds on her toes from trying to climb out of the steep canal. They gave her IV fluids, medication and more, hoping she’d make it through the night — miraculously, she pulled through.

“She’s hanging out with me in my office as we speak,” media coordinator Ashliegh Goebel said in an email to PEOPLE on Wednesday. “Poor thing has been through so much but she’s pure sweetness.”

The officer who rescued the pup plans to adopt the dog if owners do not come forward, Goebel said.

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