Nebraska Police Officer Uses 'Childhood Experience on a Farm' to Help Deliver Calf During Call

Officer Jackie Sheets of the Omaha Police Department assisted a semi driver when a cow the man was transporting went into labor on Thursday night

Officer Jackie Sheets helps deliver calf
Photo: Omaha Police Department

An Omaha Police Department officer saved the day when a cow went into labor while being transported to Iowa.

Officer Jackie Sheets was able to use her experience of being on a farm as a child to help deliver a calf on Thursday night, according to a Facebook post from Nebraska's Omaha Police Department.

"Officer Jackie Sheets was called to assist a semi-driver who was transporting cattle to Iowa last night," the post read. "While on call, one of the cows went into labor and Ofc. Sheets' childhood experience on a farm kicked in."

The post continued, "She was able to help safely deliver the calf. #AlwaysAnswerTheCall"

The department also posted sweet pictures of the calf wrapped in a blue and white flannel blanket. In one image, Sheets is shown smiling next to the baby animal.

Officer Jackie Sheets helps deliver calf
Omaha Police Department

Earlier this month, police officers and firefighters worked together to free a golden retriever from an ice-filled drainage pipe in Falmouth, Maine.

The rescuers worked for more than an hour to save the dog, named Fable, according to a Falmouth Fire-EMS Facebook post.

"Kudos to the crew from Engine 4 along with Falmouth Police for working to free the young Golden Retriever from a drainage pipe earlier today," the post read. "Great teamwork by Falmouth Public Safety today."

The dog's owner said the ordeal started when Fable made the "unwise" choice to take a shortcut through a plastic culvert, but it was frozen shut on the other end, WGME reported.

The owner told the outlet that although she was a "wreck" throughout the experience, Fable was "wagging her tail and pleased with the attention" after her rescue.

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Firefighters also rescued a dog that fell into the bay at Miami Beach this month.

RELATED VIDEO: Firefighters Save Dog That Fell Into the Bay at Miami Beach

The Miami Beach Fire Department shared a video of the rescue on its Facebook page that shows how they brought the water-logged pup to safety.

In the clip, a firefighter enters the thigh-deep water and manages to grab the dog's harness before hoisting her on his shoulder. He then makes his way on the ladder and hands the dog to another first responder, who places the pooch on the ground.

"We're so happy to have been able to help," the Miami Fire Department wrote on Facebook alongside the heartwarming video.

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