Lancashire Police Dog Unit
June 10, 2016 07:17 PM

Vinnie has every reason to smile.

The police dog unit in Lancashire, England, is very proud of their police dog’s tireless work catching two suspects on June 3. Vinnie must be proud of his work too, because he flashed a grin in the Facebook photo explaining his heroics.

“In the early hours of Friday 3rd June, a van failed to stop for one of our police dog teams in the Accrington area,” the unit wrote on Facebook on Wednesday, along with the pic of the proud pup. “Following a short pursuit, the occupants decamped from their vehicle and ran across farmland. Despite being given several loud verbal challenges, the males continued to run so PD Vinnie was deployed and gave chase.”

The trained pooch was able to catch the first suspect quickly and then track down a second male who was hiding in a wooded area, some 600 meters away, the post — which has been liked 99,000 times — said.

“Both suspects were later arrested and their van containing a quantity of tools was seized,” the unit wrote on Facebook, adding, “Well done Vinnie.”

The fact that the Facebook post has been shared over 6,000 times is another reason for the pup to smile. “He looks chuffed,” wrote one commenter, “and with good reason!”

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