Police Dog Bounces Back After Stabbing

Earp is "doing remarkably well" after being wounded in a domestic dispute.

We were so happy to hear that Earp, a police dog who was stabbed on the job more than a week ago, is doing well. The 8-year-old German shepherd was attacked March 20 by a man who had also stabbed his wife at their home, the San Diego Union-Tribunereported. Police later shot and killed the man.

The dog’s partner, Sgt. Jess Havin, rushed Earp to an animal hospital, where they learned that the knife had punctured the 75-lb. dog’s carotid artery. The brave canine received blood transfusions, stitches and was sent home with Havin to recover. In just a little over a week, Earp , who is due to retire in just a few weeks, has bounced back.

“His play drive has kicked back in,” Havin told the newspaper. “He’s doing remarkably well.”

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