Police Capture 2-Year-Old Kangaroo Hopping Around Fort Lauderdale

The kangaroo is a 2-year-old male named Jack

Jack the kangaroo. Photo: Fort Lauderdale Police

An unusual resident of Fort Lauderdale, Florida, was picked up by police this week after hopping around the city's streets.

Fort Lauderdale Police officers captured a young kangaroo on Thursday, the Associated Press reported, after receiving a call about the marsupial wandering about town.

Officers caught the kangaroo, a 2-year-old male named Jack, and took him to the barn where the department houses its horses, according to the AP.

While Jack's owner has been identified as Anthony Macias, police tweeted Thursday that exotic pets like kangaroos are not legal in the city.

"The @MyFWC [FL Fish & Wildlife Conservation Commission] will be taking care of the kangaroo rescued from wandering the streets of the city this morning. Fort Lauderdale code does not allow exotic animals like this within the city limits," police wrote on Twitter, sharing a video of Jack peering out of a cage at the stables.

Jack was taken into the custody of FWC (Florida's Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission) later on Thursday, police said.

Macias, Jack's owner, said that he contacted police when he realized Jack had escaped.

"I was taking out the recycle bin, and I didn’t shut the gate all the way. I guess he just punched his way through," he told the Sun Sentinel, describing the animal as "so nice."

"He doesn’t mean anyone any harm," he said, adding that Jack gets along well with Macias' pet Corgi.

"They love each other," Macias said of the two animals. "They play and run around."

Mayor Dean Trantalis told the Sun Sentinel he hopes a safe permanent home can be found for Jack.

"It’s a jungle out there," Trantalis said. "How bizarre for someone to keep a wild animal in their house. Maybe it will end up at one of our zoos. I’m hoping they find a safe place for it."

Officer Robert Norvis told the Sun Sentintel that when they first got the call about Jack, "we didn’t believe it."

"But when we got there it, sure enough, was a kangaroo," he said. "He’s very friendly."

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