The rat's performance has divided New Yorkers online

By Ashley Boucher
May 31, 2019 09:25 PM

There was one catch when New York City commuters were treated to an impromptu pole dancing show on the subway this week: the performer was a rat.

A rat was caught in a now-viral video sliding up and down the handrails of a subway car, posted by the Instagram account @SubwayCreatures. The video was the winner of a contest hosted by the popular account, submitted by user @seebaass_. The surprising video earned the user a Metro Card for a year — if they still want to ride the subway that is.

The rat has garnered quite the online audience, dividing New Yorkers over whether the performance is totally disgusting or totally awesome.

“This is my “why I’m leaving NYC” story,” one Twitter user said, while another posed the opposing view: “Pole dancing rat is -why- we choose NYC.”

“People always don’t get why i have no interest in visiting NY. I just seen a rat pole dancing on a subway. Thanks but I’ll stay in TX,” another chimed in

“Yup, a rat pole dancing on the subway. Good ol’ NYC!” one said

The rat also inspired some puns: “Sometimes we New Yorkers get inspired by nature. Behold, the Cirque du Subway rat!” another Twitter user joked. 
Pole-dancing rat
New York Post

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Still others joked about the high cost of living in New York.

“Y’all know that rat is only pole dancing to get through grad school,” someone said

“Everyone’s mad at this, but I respect the hustle of a pole dancing rat just tryna make its way in NYC,” someone added

Of course, this isn’t the first rat to enjoy viral fame. The most famous rat to come out of NYC is probably Pizza Rat, who emerged from a subway station with a whole slice of pizza in 2015.