Plant-Based Pet Food Company Offering Pet Owners Over $6,000 to Smell Dog Poop for 2 Months

As part of the stinky gig, participating dog owners will have to monitor their pet's "bowel movements" and "stool odor," according to plant-based pet food company Omni

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A new gig with a Britain plant-based company stinks, literally!

The plant-based pet food company, Omni, is offering to pay dog owners more than $6,000 to smell their pet's poop for two months — participating pet parents have to be willing to change their canine to a plant-based diet and keep track of how the switch affects their pet's poop.

The offer is only available to pet parents over the age of 18 with dogs who aren't currently on a plant-based diet but are open to switching. The dog owners chosen by Omni for the role will have to take detailed notes about how a plant-based diet changes their pooch's poop and overall health.

"For the role to be successful we will ask the owner to record their experience of introducing their dog to a plant-based diet, monitoring their bowel movements, stool odor, health, energy levels, behavior, sleep pattern, and physical attributes, such as weight, skin, and fur condition," Omni wrote of the job on its website.

"Both at the beginning and the end of the initial two-month period, the dog will receive a general exam from a registered vet to assess how the transition to a plant-based diet has impacted their digestive and general health," the description added.

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The pet food company also noted that Omni would cover the costs of transitioning a pup to a plant-based, including a free supply of Omni pet food and visits to a pet nutritionist. The nutritionist will make sure the transition to a new diet goes smoothly.

"Successful candidates" that complete the two-month poop sniffing period will receive over $6,000 for their work, and their dog will get a supply of dog toys and vegan treats as a thank you, according to Omni.

"We understand there may be some pre-existing and negative misconceptions about feeding your dog a plant-based diet. We hope that by hiring someone to transition their dog to a vet-formulated, plant-based diet — and analyze the effects that the diet has on their pup, both inside and out — we can take another step towards proving the benefits it can have on dogs' digestive health and general health, not least through their poop!" the company shared about what they created the unique offer.

To learn more about the role and apply for your chance to sniff your dog's poop for cash, visit Omni's website. Applications for the job will be accepted through March 31.

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