What to Do When You Are Planning a Vacation and You Have to Leave Your Dog at Home

Rover.com recommends leaving behind an old shirt in your dog's bed or crate, so they can be comforted by your scent while you're gone

With summer nearly here, it is already time to start making travel plans. But for the 60 million households around the country with pets, planning a vacation doesn’t just include finding hotels and flights, but making sure their furry family members are going to be taken care of too.

Did you know:

  • More than half the pet parents in the U.S. (56%) choose to alter travel plans specifically because they are worried about their pet’s care when they are away from home (and the cost associated)?
  • Or, that even for those who do decide to travel this summer, 82% will still worry about their pets?

To help ease these worries and to help offer your pet their own retreat while your away, we talked to the experts at Rover.com about what to do when you’re going on vacation and your pet can’t come with you.

Here are a few things Rover.com recommends you do to make sure your pet and pet sitter are set up for success:

  1. When leaving your pet with a new pet sitter, make sure you can do a meet-and-greet, doing so allows you to ask any questions and make sure the sitter will be the right fit. The top things you should ask include:
    • How often will you be visiting and for how long?
    • Are you comfortable putting on my dog’s harness?
    • Have you ever sat for a dog that’s the same size and breed as mine?
    • Are you familiar with my neighborhood?
  2. Leave behind an old shirt with your scent on top of your dog’s crate or near its bed. Your pup will be comforted by your scent while you’re away! Dogs noses are incredible and having something with your scent is really helpful to some dogs. If your pet has a favorite bed you can leave that as well.
  3. You can ask your sitter to leave the radio on, or play some soothing music during the day if your dog is used to the noises of an active household. Some nice jazz is always relaxing!
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