Photographer Fights Negative Pit Bull Stereotypes One Adorable Picture at a Time

Pet photographer Adam Goldberg wants to change the way people see pit bulls

Photo: Courtesy Adam Goldberg

How do you change the way people picture pit bulls? With pictures!

That’s what pet photographer Adam Goldberg is doing. Since August 2016, Goldberg has been snapping photos of adoptable pit bulls looking goofy, sweet, playful and kind, a.k.a. all things that pit bulls really are.

Courtesy Adam Goldberg

Unfortunately, many people have unfounded negative opinions about pit bulls: that the breed is dangerous, violent and mean. Some of these stereotypes are from unfair media representations and the inclusion of pit bulls in dog fighting rings.

Courtesy Adam Goldberg

Goldberg, searching for a way to change this perception, has turned his lens on the pit bulls he sees every day, the ones he knows truly represent the personality of this breed, which lumps together the American pit bull terrier, American Staffordshire terrier, American bully, Staffordshire Bull terrier, American bulldog and the bull terrier.

Courtesy Adam Goldberg

Working with shelters, the photographer has set up multiple photo shoots with adoptable pit bulls, letting them be themselves. Armed with peanut butter, Goldberg is able to capture the sweet, soulful personalities of this breed.

Courtesy Adam Goldberg

Goldberg hopes by sharing these photos, he can help change the negative perceptions many still have about pit bulls, while also finding loving homes for all the cute canines that serve as his subjects.

Courtesy Adam Goldberg

If you know a pit bull who is perfect for this campaign or want to receive updates on Goldberg’s work, you can learn more about the project here.

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