But there's a happy ending: Electra was adopted by her forever family after this video was released

By Kelli Bender
May 25, 2017 04:51 PM

Shelters offer animals a chance to find a forever home, but they can also be a scary place, especially for pets who have never spent time in one before.

A heartbreaking video on Lolys Manchaka’s Facebook page captures the moment a pit bull mix realizes the place she has been brought to is not a home.

It is unclear whether the dog in the clip, who is named Electra, was picked up as a stray by Inland Valley Humane Society or if she was surrendered by a previous family, but it is clear that she is aching to make someone happy.

“Electra represents the face of sadness and reality in the shelters. Sometimes I would like to understand owners surrendering their animals and I don’t like to judge them but when you see how the dogs come to the receiving department with their happy faces and they stand all proud I just can’t understand … (I’m speaking in general, not sure if she was found as stray or she was an owner surrendered),” Manchaka writes along with the post, which has been viewed more than 377,000 times.

All those views have led to some good news for the 4-year-old canine, however: The page, which shares the stories of numerous animals looking for forever families, updated its post to share that Electra was adopted from the Inland Valley Humane Society.

The California shelter that cared for Electra has not yet responded to PEOPLE’s request on the details of Electra’s adoption.