Naomi Gosdin is giving back to the pit bull that helped her by raising awareness about this playful breed and how loving these dogs can be

By Kelli Bender
March 12, 2018 06:02 PM

Meet Twinkie!

She is a pit bull living in Hilton Head, South Carolina, and Naomi Gosdin is her proud dog mom.

Before this playful puppy came into her life, Naomi was struggling with her depression, anxiety and PTSD.

And while the high school junior is still managing all of this, she is now doing it with her furry best friend by her side.

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Together the pair is working on Twinkie’s service dog training, but the pup is already drastically changing Naomi’s life, helping the teen find more confidence to speak openly about how she is feeling and to find the energy to enjoy life again.

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For everything that Twinkie has giving her, Naomi is trying to help Twinkie as well. She is now a diehard pit bull advocate, working to spread awareness about this loving breed and the unfair, negative stereotypes that hurt their chances of being adopted.