Pigs are suddenly the hot accessory in the animal kingdom

By Alex Heigl
Updated June 14, 2016 06:41 PM

Pigs are having a moment. Not for humans mind you, but for other animals.

It appears that anything porcine is the new hot accessory in the animal kingdom.

Example #1: Last week, Sydney, Australia-based PhD candidate Ryan Frazer, 28, witnessed a strange love-in between a kangaroo and a female pig named Apples.

Naturally, he snapped some pictures.

“I didn’t even know it was possible,” Frazer told the Daily Mail. The animals saw us … we met them at the fence and they just stood together in front of us. The pig was totally nonchalant about the whole thing — was not concerned at all.”

Talking the pairing over with the locals and the pig’s owner, Frazer discovered that apparently everyone’s aware of the odd pairing, and they’re pretty okay with it.

“I tried to take the pig away the other day and the kangaroo almost tore the fence down,” Owner Greg Dick told the Mail. “They’re in love.”

In less … graphic news, an orphaned warthog has taken a shine to a Rottweiler puppy at Daktari, a wildlife orphanage in Hoedspruit, South Africa. The uncreatively-named Piggy was one of three baby warthogs the orphanage took in in 2014. Sadly, Piggy’s siblings died, but he persevered, and made fast friends with a puppy named Nikita.

“Their bond grew and eventually they were inseparable,” Ian Merrifield, cofounder of Daktari, tells The Dodo. “They started sharing the same bed and same food.”

Piggy was eventually released to a local game reserve last year, though Nikita filled the void left by her chum by hanging out with Daktari’s pair of jackals, Minnie and JP.

Still not as cute as a dog/pig friendship, though.