The female swine became interested in paintbrushes lying around her pen at Farm Sanctuary South Africa


Picasso the man was a charismatic, albeit misogynistic, genius artist. Pigcasso the painting pig is just as flamboyant and beloved, but she’s a fine lady swine brandishing a paintbrush on behalf of barnyard animals across the world.

This impressive, 3-year-old porker was rescued from an industrial hog farm as a piglet, reports National Geographic. When the budding star first became interested in paintbrushes lying around her Farm Sanctuary South Africa pen, Pigcasso’s rescuer-turned-caretaker Joanne Lefson of Cape Town decided to harness that artistic inclination. Lefson focused on a positive-reinforcement technique with Pigcasso, giving the talented animal food rewards while she honed her craft.

Lefson describes the over 450-lb. pig’s style as “expressionist,” according to the Sun, drawing from the South African landscape around her. However, she has recently ventured into abstract portraiture, as seen in her Trump-inspired artwork in the video above.

Pigcasso’s limited edition prints are available for purchase on the Farm Sanctuary SA website, as well as her own online shop. Farm Sanctuary SA notes all sales benefit the organization, and “you’re also investing in a potential Masterpiece … while this pig’s paintings may only be a few dollars today, tomorrow, they could be selling [for] a million bucks.”

Pigcasso is currently on exhibit in South Africa, Jan. 20 through March 5, at Clock Tower Square V&A Waterfront. “PIGCASSO is the first non-human being in the world to headline her own exhibition,” boasts her website. “Visit OINK – the pop-up pink exhibition at the V&A Waterfront as she aims to highlight the effect of animal agriculture on the planet and inspire change!”

Whether her artwork is political, environmental or just creative energy unbound, most can agree it’s uniquely joyful.

“The gift is just to look at [Pigcasso’s art] and not be ruled by trying to define it,” said Lefson to National Geographic.