"Folks, sorry, I can't stand [still] because it's biting me," Lazos Mantikos told his colleagues on the Good Morning Greece show on Tuesday

By Ashley Boucher
November 27, 2019 05:57 PM
Pig and reporter

A pig in Greece just got her 15 minutes of fame — and so did the journalist she couldn’t stop pursuing.

While reporting on the massive flooding in the Greek coastal town of Kineta — which lies east of Athens — reporter Lazos Mantikos ran into a road blockage that wasn’t caused by the high waters.

A local female pig wandered into the area that Mantikos and his team were reporting from and wouldn’t leave the Good Morning Greece reporter alone for long enough to, well, report.

In footage shared by CNN, the pig can be seen chasing Mantikos around as he tries to update his colleagues back in the studio — who can’t help but giggle as they watch his predicament unfold.

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“Good morning, we have an issue,” Mantikos says in the clip. The spotted pig can be heard grunting as she pokes Mantikos’ legs with her snout, at one point even putting her head right up against his behind.

“Giorgos, can you hear me? We have a pig here that has been chasing us since this morning … folks, sorry, I can’t stand [still] because it’s biting me,” Mantikos tells his colleagues as he continually runs around in circles trying to avoid the persistent pig.

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Girogios Papadakis, a reporter in the studio, couldn’t help but laugh at his colleague’s dilemma and covered his face with his hand as he chuckled at the situation, which was doubly incongruous considering the seriousness of the flooding and severe weather.

“Lazos, because it’s a tragic issue and we are counting our wounds in Kineta, try and work things out with the female pig,” he told Mantikos.

“This is about (wanting) that one moment of fame,” Papadakis added. “I have seen male and female pigs who look for a moment of fame.”