Buddy Mercury the Piano-Playing Dog Deserves His Own Vegas Residency

The beagle/basset hound mix is a self-taught pianist from Long Island.

Piano-playing pets like Keyboard Cat and Nora the feline ivory tickler have paved the way for Buddy Mercury, and this pooch has not let his predecessors down.

According to the Long Island Press, this Ronkonkoma, New York, dog is self-taught. Buddy Mercury not only bangs out songs on the piano, he sings along too — earning him the nickname The Piano Dog.

The beagle/basset hound mix already has a Youtube, Instagram and Facebook page where he racks up thousands of views and woos countless fans, including plenty of canine admirers.

“There’s actually people making videos of their beagles listening and singing along,” Glen Wolfe, Buddy’s owner, told WABC.

Buddy’s pet parents seemed to sense their dog was musically inclined when they adopted him. Glen and Laurie Wolfe named the dog after Freddie Mercury, the late lead singer of rock band Queen.

We are keeping our paws crossed that Buddy follows in the footsteps of today’s biggest acts and takes his talents to Vegas. Until then, fans can enjoy Buddy’s tunes anytime by picking up his album. Half of all proceeds from album sales go to support animal shelters.

For true dog diehards, Buddy has his own merch page too.

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