PHOTOS: Kentucky's Cutest Canine Mayor Shows PEOPLE Around Her Town

Brynn the pit bull became mayor of the small river town of Rabbit Hash on Nov. 8

Photo: Brian Steege Photography

Her platform was peace, love and understanding — which is infinitely more precious when you learn that this politician is a pooch.

What those three words mean exactly is simple: “She is going to be the most understanding and accepting of everyone who passes through Rabbit Hash,” says the dog’s owner, college student Jordie Bamforth, 23, who led her pet’s mayoral campaign this fall. “She doesn’t want to judge anybody for how they look, or their political stances, she will love them no matter [what].”

That blind love is what helped Brynn the pit bull become mayor of the small river town of Rabbit Hash, Kentucky, on Nov. 8 — and her “bubbly” personality might be what makes her the most successful one yet (there have been a total of four furry mayors before her, FYI, with ceremonial elections like these beginning in 1998).

“She’s normally got that big old pit bull smile,” say Bamforth, who hopes the dog’s new role will bring understanding to an often misunderstood breed. “She is a super, super happy dog. There aren’t many people that she’s met that she doesn’t like … [she’s] a good judge of character.”

Brian Steege Photography

On Nov. 20, PEOPLE got an exclusive tour from Kentucky’s cutest mayor, a.k.a. Brynneth Pawltro, in Rabbit Hash (population: 315), including a visit to the town’s landmark General Store (above), which was devastated by fire in February. Money raised from the recent mayoral election will help restore the structure.

With each vote costing $1 to cast, a total of $8,965 was raised for the building’s restoration — which could cost up to $400,000 to complete. To help with the effort, donate via paypal at

Brian Steege Photography

So far the dog’s official itinerary hasn’t been too overwhelming — her first major appearance as mayor was on Dec. 3 at a Save the Animals Foundation event in Cincinnati with Santa Claus — which means Brynn’s main role is still mostly that of best friend.

“Treats or no treats she would do whatever I ask of her,” says Bamforth. “She’s a really good dog.”

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