The photogenic feline from Moscow takes his Instagram followers on colorful indoor adventures
Source: Kuzya_in_red/Instagram
| Credit: Source: Kuzya_in_red/Instagram

That dream vacay is closer than you might think.

Take it from Kuzya the cat. All you need is costumes, a few props, and some cardboard and you can magically transport yourself to all the far off destinations you've daydreamed about.

The photogenic feline from Moscow, Russia — who, according to his bio loves "to dream and fantasize" — takes his Instagram followers (all 9,630 of them) on colorful indoor adventures, thanks to some seriously creative photography.

He snowboards down mountains …

Goes camping in a wigwam…

Helms a sailboat…

Sunbathes on a beach…

…all without ever moving a paw or going outside (as you can see, he's comfortably kicking back in many of the photos). Not that this kitty has anything against the great outdoors.

Older Instagram shots on the page show the cat exploring the grounds of Moscow's botanical gardens and the Memorial Museum of Cosmonautics (a museum dedicated to space exploration), which totally explains this:

The 4-year-old cat's owner Victoria Aristova tells PEOPLE in an email that Kuzya is very social, just like a human.

"I and my husband decided to dream, how Kuzya could live, if he be a human," she says. "So we had the idea to shoot stories about the adventures of a cat."

Like most kitties, Kuzya rules their roost — and their iPhone photo shoots (which take about an hour to prep).

"Cats always do what they want. And Kuzya loves to play very much," she adds. "That why we play with Kuzya during the photo shoots, in order the process of shooting for him was comfortable and interesting."