Zoë, who lives in in the Netherlands, is every bit the love bug
Courtesy: @izzyandthefluff
Credit: Courtesy: @izzyandthefluff

If you don’t have a Valentine this year, take heart!

This furry, adorable, wide-eyed cat is your newest follow, thanks in part to an unusual heart-shaped marking on her chest.

Her name is Zoë and she’s one-half of the team that fills the @izzyandthefluff Instagram page — which has 94,000 followers — with lots of kitty love on the regular.

As you might suspect, the cat, who lives in the Netherlands with her sister Izzy and owner Joanne Smienk, is a total love bug.

“She is indeed a lovable mush, especially towards us,” Smienk writes in an email. “Zoë purrs very loudly when you just look at her and is generous with her head-butts. She also loves to be picked up and cuddled like a baby.”

The pretty kitty joined the family when, sight unseen, Smienk went to adopt Izzy from a family who had a litter.

“When we came to pick up Izzy, I saw the heart-marking on her sister,” Smienk recalls. “Remarkably, no one had noticed this before. When I said it out loud, the others present still didn’t see it.”

But the purr-ecious marking wasn’t the reason she decided to take Zoë home, too. “Izzy and Zoë were the only two tuxedo kitties of their litter and they were clearly very bonded,” she says. “We couldn’t bear to separate them and went home with both. This is still our best decision ever, as they are so happy together.”

It makes sense that the cat — who is described as “cautious,” “extremely curious” and “playful” — would go on to become a heart-stealer on Instagram, where her photos receive upwards of 10,000 apiece.

“She’s also a bit of a clown,” Smienk says. “If Izzy doesn’t want to play, Zoë will entertain herself by doing random wall jumps and slapping plants for no reason. This is the first time I am not responsible for the demise of plants in our household.”