Fashion a hairball hat or pen a hairball sketch to commemorate the day

By Amy Jamieson
April 28, 2017 12:14 PM
Credit: Getty

Hairballs have their own day, in case you didn’t know, and it’s always the last Friday in April.

The aim is to bring awareness to the pesky problem that felines face every so often, which can be combated by regular fur brushing and more.

Every year, cats (and even some dogs) do their part to make the world more aware of that hair on Instagram — so it’s obviously our duty to cull the most creative ‘celebrations’ we’ve seen, past and present.

Fashion a Hairball Hat.
Wear it and be purr-oud.

Make a Hairball Statement.
“Balls of furry love,” is one way to describe them.

Hairball Sketching.
What better way to commemorate the day?

Hairball Artwork.
Consider it a gift for posterity.

Give the Gift of Cat Grass.
It can help eliminate hairballs.

Goodwill Grooming.
Clean the fur of a friend less in need of a hairball than you.

Give Someone a Good Brush.
Ahhh, that’s the spot!

Alert Your Owner to a Hairball.
It’s the least you can do (P.S. it’s all in the eyes).

Give Your Hairball Creator a Hug Today.
Because they totally deserve it!

Enjoy the day! How is your cat celebrating? Tweet us @peoplepets.