Using leftover flowery fabric, Brenda Sierra fashioned a dress for 7-year-old Sasha

Brenda Sierra
| Credit: Brenda Sierra

True BFFs, they stick together — especially on prom night (think Romy and Michelle, Andie and Duckie, just to name a few).

Although her dog Sasha couldn't come to her prom in Tampa, Florida, on Saturday, Brenda Sierra found a way to include the beloved 7-year-old pooch.

Credit: Brenda Sierra

"Sasha is my best friend, anywhere that she is able to go, she goes," Sierra tells PEOPLE in an email. "When I bought my prom dress and saw that my dress had a lot of fabric that needed to be cut off, it came to me that I HAD to include Sasha in my prom photos."

The 18-year-old teen — who occasionally dresses her dog when she goes to the park — decided to fashion the ultimate prom gown for the adorable little Doxie.

Credit: Brenda Sierra

"When I got my dress hemmed I asked the lady to save all the extra fabric for me and with scissors and a hot glue gun I made the dress with a little help from my mom," she says.

The result was a flowery frock that perfectly matched Sierra's — and the photos of the pair posing before prom do not disappoint.

"The day of prom she was very happy wearing the dress," the teen says, "and was okay with being passed around by everyone."

Credit: Brenda Sierra

The shoot, which included Sierra's date, a friend named Rodney Sesler, was such a success — with 52,000 hearts on twitter and 15,000 retweets — that the teen has more plans for her pup (who she adopted from the Humane Society Tampa Bay).

"A lot of the comments I've received include 'you have to bring her to your graduation' so I'm currently trying to make her a cap and gown to match mine!" she tells PEOPLE.