In honor of Hug Your Cat Day on June 4, a handful of kitties who are handling this unsolicited affection particularly well

By Amy Jamieson
June 02, 2017 01:07 PM
Credit: Source: Wesley Stripes/Instagram

Serious side eye — it could be headed your way this Hug Your Cat Day.

Let’s face it, some cats don’t like to be hugged but on this annual holiday, which is celebrated on June 4, many of them tolerate it for the sake of our Instagram feeds — and how thankful we are that they play along!

We culled Instagram for shots of kitties who are handling a hug particularly well, like Wesley Stripes the cat, above, who explains the details of this embrace on Instagram.

“Snuggles with mom,” the cat writes. “She was sad the other day so I even decided to do this without trying to eat her arm.”

How thoughtful of you, Wesley. Here, more kitty hugs that are worth your attention:

“You shall never leave me again!” — Okay, understood.

No way out of this one, buddy.

Not a bad idea to hug from a distance.

Every once in a while a kitty is the hug initiator.

These eyes seem happy with the the current situation.

Clearly, hugs from another cat are something special.

Aww, can we get in on this?

This kitty is using just as much arm as her human.

We think curiousity about this hug’s conclusion is in the air.