PHOTO: Two Kittens in Love Share Christmas Kiss, Redefine Relationship Goals

Kittens Louie and Luna are a-glow in the romantic Christmas spirit, and we can't handle it

You’ve heard of puppy love. Now prepare yourself for kitten love.

It somehow manages to be even more precious and squeezable. Just look at this shot of kittens Louie and Luna! Look at it!

These little love birds (and bird lovers?) are sharing a sweet peck, lit by the gentle glow of a Christmas tree. This is Hallmark card content, people. And it’s happening in real life, right before our very eyes.

The owner of the pair, the incredible lucky Twitter user @JamesC0nquer, caught the cats canoodling by the tree recently and posted the photos to Twitter with the comment “love is in the air.” Pretty soon, “likes” were in the air, with everyone hustling to share the precious photos. The tweet now has over 81,000 likes and 50,000 retweets.

Understandably, folks had trouble with how achingly adorable the moment is.

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“I’ve seen a lot of people saying things like, ‘This has made my day’ or ‘I’m crying at how beautiful this is,’ or something along those lines,” the kittens’ owner told BuzzFeed. “I like seeing people happy, and I’m glad they can confide in cat photos for that.”

@JamesConquer said this is normal behavior for the 6-month-old baby cats who he adopted together when they were just ten weeks old.

“They’ve been inseparable since they were adopted and they always do everything together,” he said. “They sleep, eat, and tear apart my Christmas tree as a unit.”

Who needs Mistletoe when you’ve got lovey-dovey mood enhancers like these two frisky felines?

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