Nevermind mind the bone-chilling temperatures, things got hot and heavy in Germany this weekend between Knut and Gianna

By People Staff
Updated January 05, 2010 12:45 PM

It may have been a bone-chilling 14 degrees at the Berlin Zoo over the weekend, but sparks were flying between lovebird polar bears Knut and Gianna, who moved in together in early September.

The playful 2-year-old bears, who zookeepers hope will mate when they reach maturity, batted and nibbled on each other in their outdoor enclosure.

The pair seem to be getting along pretty well and their fans hope that Gianna, who is on loan from the Munich Zoo, will stay for the long haul, according to Spiegel online.

One reveler named Doris Webb, who collected 38,000 signatures last year when the Berlin Zoo tried to move Knut to another zoo, told the newspaper: “If the zoo director doesn’t push for her to stay in Berlin, I will start another campaign. It’s worked before!”

Let’s hope this is just one of many cuddles to come!