Tatqiq the polar bear was captured by the underwater Polar Cam

By People Staff
Updated May 16, 2011 08:30 PM

She’s so close, it’s almost like she’s in the same room – err, pool.

Get to know Tatqiq, a polar bear so graceful that despite weighing 561 lbs, she is still called The Princess.

This San Diego Zoo resident took a dive recently at the zoo’s Polar Bear Plunge, and she came this close to the underwater Polar Bear Cam. Lucky for us she did, because now we, too, can feel as though we were face-to-face with 8-year-old Tatqiq, ready to touch her black-and-white paw.

“She is ever graceful, and dives into the pool with black paws pointed like an Olympic diver,” said a zoo spokesperson. “She swims with sleek, smooth strokes, but despite her dainty size, Tatqiq is the boss when she’s out with her brother.”