PHOTO: Patrick Stewart Has an Adorable Doggy Doppelgänger

The photo of this adorable dog, who happens to look like the actor, has amassed thousands of retweets

Photo: D Dipasupil/FilmMagic

Patrick Stewart has a way with wolverines — and dogs.

The Logan actor recently started fostering a homeless pit bull. Like any good pet parent, Stewart has been blitzing social media with overwhelmingly adorable updates on his new roomie.

But this isn’t the only canine vying for Stewart’s attention.

There’s a photo circulating on social media of a pup that many claim looks just like Patrick Stewart.

And look like Patrick Stewart he does. The little pup has the perfect pooch-version of the actor’s face, and has even mastered his warm smile.

While Stewart hasn’t had a chance to meet his dog doppelganger, he did get to see a photo during a recent interview.

Stewart seemed both shocked and pleased to find out that he has a long lost twin that also happens to be a dog.

The adorable pup is named Blanco. At the time the photo was taking her was living at Friends of Homeless Animals, a no-kill shelter that pulls pets from high-kill shelters in the D.C. area. Blanco has since been adopted and is enjoying the celebrity treatment at his new home.

Your move, Adam Driver cat.

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