The feathered friend just wings it at Monday’s celebration of the returning series

By Alison Schwartz
April 30, 2013 06:00 PM

Feathers were ruffled at Monday’s Arrested Development premiere. Literally.

As the show’s most famous faces, from Jason Bateman to Portia de Rossi, stepped out to celebrate the much-awaited new season, it was a flawlessly coiffed, well-mannered ostrich who emerged as the night’s biggest star.

The bird walked the red carpet with all the grace and composure of a veteran actor, so much so, we couldn’t tell if the feathered star was just winging it. And no stylist, no problem: This buddy went all-natural for the event, which celebrated the show’s comeback season launching May 26 on Netflix.

But this won’t be the last time you see this ostrich around. The animal makes a cameo in the premiere episode, reports USA Today.

“There are a lot of ostriches,” creator Mitchell Hurwitz teased in an interview with Entertainment Weekly last October. “I would describe this season of Arrested as being bird-heavy.’”