Photo of Shelter Dog Hugging New Owner Shows Exactly Why You Should Adopt

Russ the pit bull is happy to be home, and wants his new owner to know it

Photo: Source: Russ - The Tale of an ACCT Philly Rescue Dog/Facebook

Russ the shelter dog knows a good deal when he sees one.

The pit bull was recent adopted from Philadelphia’s municipal animal shelter by Temple University student Kayla Filoon, reports Russ, understanding that he landed an amazing situation, immediately started showing his gratitude in the form of committed cuddles.

Filoon’s aunt recently caught Russ’ excellent snuggle technique on camera, and she shared the photo of the pup side-hugging his new owner on Facebook, encouraging others to bring the same joy to an animal’s life. The photo’s simple message of love and compassion is moving many across Facebook, where it has been shared over 61,000 times.

Not surprisingly, this isn’t Russ’ first time cuddling. The pup used his powers of hugging persuasion to entrance Filoon into becoming his forever mom.

Filoon, who walks dogs at the city shelter, first spotted Russ when he was sick and underweight. After giving him a chance to heal from an eye infection and kennel cough, the college sophomore took the pit bull out, where “he would not stop cuddling,” according to Filoon. It didn’t take her long to fill out an adoption form and take the cutie home for good.

“He has not even been with me for two weeks yet, however the bond that we have is incredible,” Filoon told “He does not leave my side.”

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