The 7-week-old strikes a cute pose in Germany

By People Staff
Updated January 25, 2010 08:15 PM

Cat, er, gorilla, got your tongue? Baby Kajolu, a 7-week-old living at Zoo Hellabrunn in Munich, Germany, got all tongue-in-cheek with photographers on Friday while hanging out with its mom.

The baby – whose sex is still unknown – was born on Dec. 8 to Bagira, 25, who’s had five other offspring in previous years. According to the zoo’s Web site, mom has cared “extremely well” for Kajolu so far, sticking close to her little one and shooing away older siblings Sadiki and Makena.

Mom and baby will stay secluded for about two more months, then will gradually start allowing others (like gorilla “aunts” Neema, Ellen and Sonja) some access. We’re just glad we got this sneak peek!